WATCH: Woman calmly eats through neighboring dispute, only gets riled up when man messes with her food

It was just another day at the coffeeshop for one lady and her family, surrounded by people engaged in casual conversation between bites. Unfortunately, their peaceful meals were disrupted when a dispute broke out between a man and a woman.

It’s unclear what they were arguing over, but as tensions started to build up and voices got louder, more individuals got involved to team up against the obviously irate man in a black “security” shirt, who became physically agitated as the viral clip went on. However, even though the action was happening right next to the table where a young family of three were seated, they simply moved their bowls of food out of the way in a calm manner, continuing to enjoy (as best as they could) their meal.

Eventually, as the brawl got more violent, the child was moved out of harm’s way, while the woman steadily kept at it with her soup, keeping a wary, watchful eye on the yelling that was going on nearby.

It was only until the upset male attempted to flip her table (with all the food on it) that she got riled up and immediately grabbed a stool, lifting it above her head, aiming it at him. She was stopped but, irked by his actions, she flung a cup of water his way, calling him “crazy man.”

The dude yelled out an apology, but it only resulted in a shouting match between the two, who were now both enraged. He said “sorry” a bunch more times to the family, but kept yelling at someone else in the coffeeshop, whose face was not shown in the video.

Finally, the police showed up and the man went off to the corner to explain the situation to the uniformed officers. Amidst all the chaos, it’s uncertain what exactly caused the disagreement, but one thing’s for sure. You don’t mess with someone else’s food. Or family.

Watch it all unfold below.

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