Water coolers, sprinklers set up at Agra animal rescue facility to help bears tackle heat, humidity

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Bear enjoying near freshwater pond (Photo/ANI)
Bear enjoying near freshwater pond (Photo/ANI)

Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India], August 21 (ANI): With rain-triggered humidity increasing in the city, the Bear Rescue Facility at Sur Sarovar, Keetham of Uttar Pradesh's Agra has set up facilities for sloth bears to beat the heat.

The facility presently has 110 bears, and to ensure that they do not suffer from the heat, several arrangements have been made. From a balanced food plan at regular intervals to coolers, water sprinklers and ponds at every closure, the facility has been taking several steps to ensure the comfort of the rescued bears.

"We give different diet in summers for providing cooling. We've built ponds and have set up sprinklers in every enclosure. Freshwater available in every section," Baiju Raj, Director of Conservation Projects at Wildlife SOS said.

"Fruits with higher water contents, like watermelon, pomegranate, coconut and papaya are also being fed to the bear to help them with the heat. The older bears are given different diets, according to their requirements," he added.

Further, Raj said, "We have placed the coolers because it is very hot for the bears, and they like to come to the area with coolers and sleep or just lay around."

S Ilyas Raja, the Deputy Director of Veterinary Services at Wildlife SOS said, "The sprinklers spray water on the bears during the hours the sun isn't high (early mornings and evenings) to keep them cool and to also avoid humidity. The water in the freshwater ponds is also changed every consecutive day. The bears like to dip themselves in these ponds."

"We are ensuring that the heat does not take a toll on the bears," he added. (ANI)

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