The Way Travis Cups Taylor’s Hand On Their Date Night Is *Very* Telling

taylor swift and travis kelce
Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Body LanguageGetty + Design Taia Leituala

Newsflash: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the it-couple of the moment! Fans and everyday social media users alike can’t seem to get enough of the rom-com-esque relationship between the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) singer-songwriter and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

ICYDK, the “Now That We Don’t Talk” crooner and the football player have been linked since early September, when a source told The Messenger that the two were “quietly hanging out.” Then, in the event that had Twitter aflame for at least three days (a long time in internet years), Taylor was spotted at a Chiefs game, cheering on her beau alongside his mom, Donna Kelce, on September 24.

Since then, the jet-setting couple has been spotted getting very cozy around New York City and in green rooms (yes, I’m talking about that Instagram post). Most recently, Taylor flew down to Kansas City a day early to be there for Travis after the Chiefs’ loss against the Denver Broncos, per Cosmopolitan. “Taylor feels awful for Travis and knows he doesn’t [take] losing lightly. Taylor felt like the least she could do is head to him in Kansas City a day earlier than planned so she could be by his side to comfort and encourage him in any way she could,” a source told Us Weekly. (It’s giving supportive GF.)

If you’re curious to know if this love story is true, sources (ahem, body language experts) say there's evidence that Taylor and Travis are undeniably enchanted. WH tapped body language experts Karen Donaldson and Alison Henderson to analyze the couple’s gestures throughout their two-month relationship. Ahead, discover what Taylor and Travis’ body language reveals about their connection that has the pair bejeweled (okay I’m done now, promise).

Meet the Experts: Karen Donaldson is a celebrity communication and body language expert, speaker, and best-selling author of Speak Like You Breathe: Straight Talk To Say What You Mean, Be Heard & Get Noticed. Alison Henderson is body language expert and certified movement pattern analyst.

Taylor feels safe and secure with Travis.

In this image of Taylor and Travis leaving the SNL after party on October 15, Travis holds both arms out around Taylor like a literal safety net, says Donaldson. The gesture shows that Travis sees himself as Taylor’s protector, Donaldson adds.

"This is a very intimate move on a vulnerable body part,” says Henderson. And “it shows a level of comfort between the two which has developed quickly.” Taylor’s comfort around Travis is evident in her body language here, Donaldson points out. “Her focus is not on her surroundings—she’s completely okay leaving her safety in Travis’ hands.”

taylor swift and travis kelce
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Travis takes the lead in this relationship.

...well, in some aspects.

Here, Travis is spotted guiding the way for Taylor, says Donaldson. “He walks in front of her signaling that he’s clearing the path.” Additionally, you’ll notice that while holding hands his hand is on top of hers, “which may signal that he is taking the lead in this specific setting, and possibly the partnership,” Donaldson adds. (He’s really taking this protector role seriously, huh?)

Nevertheless, “although Travis walks ahead of Taylor, their steps are synchronized,” Donaldson points out. “It’s effortless and speaks to the emotional connection that they have with one another.” In other words, while Travis may take on the traditional guard role, these two are true equals. “Travis is careful to let Taylor be Taylor,” says Henderson. “He’s not overprotective or overbearing.”

taylor swift and travis kelce
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Travis prioritizes Taylor’s needs.

Chivalry may be dead, but not in Travis Kelce’s world.

In this image, Travis is seen escorting Taylor out of the car like a steward would a queen. (Well, I’m glad he recognizes he’s in the presence of pop royalty.) This photo shows that Travis sees Taylor as his “lady,” says Donaldson. It is likely that “he cares for her deeply and is attentive to her needs,” she adds.

In turn, “the way in which Taylor takes Travis’ hand as she comes out of the car is undemanding and easy,” Donaldson notes. Per Donaldson, this is perhaps their normal way of being with each other. It is evident that Taylor is used to being treated like his queen.

taylor swift and travis kelce
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These two watch out for each other.

Here, Travis is again taking the lead as the pair walk side-by-side. This move “coupled with his chin up and furrowed brows is telling that he’s worried for and looking out for Taylor,” says Donaldson, noting he’s not doing so in a possessive way, but more of a protective BF type of way.

“This body language from men is their innate urge to protect a person they care deeply for,” Donaldson points out. “He’s making sure all is safe for Taylor,” Henderson adds.

Taylor, for her part, is comfortable letting Travis take charge, says Henderson. “Taylor’s body language is relaxed—her shoulders are at ease and her gaze seems to be more focused on where she is stepping than her surroundings,” Donaldson says. “These clusters of gestures signal that Taylor feels safe and secure in his presence.”

taylor swift and travis kelce
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He is hers, and she is his.

This photo of the couple leaving dinner at the Waverly Inn sent the internet into a frenzy when it first circulated earlier in October. The hand cupping?! What does it mean? Well, Swifties and anyone else who’s chronically online had a right to freak out as “intertwined fingers show a deep level of comfort and intimacy between two people,” Henderson says.

“Travis cups Taylor’s hand in one of his and is pressing both of his palms against her hand, maximizing their skin-to-skin contact,” Donaldson notes. And you know what they say about skin-to-skin contact? It’s a telltale sign of a pair’s emotional and physical connection, per Donaldson. Travis’ two-hand hold is consistent with his protector role, Henderson adds, and Taylor appears totally okay—and even happy—with it.

“This PDA signals that he wants the world to know Taylor is with him,” says Donaldson. Paired with his smile, this gesture signals a mix of possessiveness and endearment, Donaldson adds.

taylor swift and travis kelce
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Taylor will go to bat for Travis.

In this image, “Taylor is in full defensive and protection mode,” says Donaldson. She’s holding Travis with her arm around his neck, pulling him close to her. Moreover, her hand is closed and almost fist-like; her facial expression signals that she’s “not pleased,” per Donaldson. “It looks like she is going to bat for her man,” Donaldson says. And Travis is courteously letting Taylor handle the situation.

But given that this is a private post-game party with friends and Kansas City Chiefs players after their win against the Chicago Bears, per People, Taylor and the person she's speaking to are probably just having a conversation.

Here, Taylor is sitting on Travis’ lap, “which is a huge signal of flirtation and their couple status,” says Henderson. Additionally, her arm around his neck demonstrates that she’s “claiming” Travis as the one she wants to be with, Henderson adds. *Alexa, play “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”*

taylor swift and travis kelce
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