Waze Carpool users can now choose who they ride with

Mallory Locklear
Waze Carpool users can now choose who they ride with

Waze just updated its Carpool app, giving drivers and riders more control over who they'll be sharing a ride with. If you're not familiar with the app, Waze Carpool sets up drivers and riders who are headed in the same direction and those behind the wheel get a bit of cash from the individuals they're transporting. The fees are low, since they're meant to just cover driving costs, not be a source of income, and the app is meant to encourage ride-sharing in the name of reduced traffic and benefits to the environment.

With yesterday's update, Carpool users will no longer be blindly matched. Instead, using star ratings, profile information and connections to your job or friends, you can choose who you'll be riding with. Those with routes most similar to yours will appear at the top of list. Additionally, users can now filter riders by gender or choose to ride with their coworkers only and can send multiple ride or drive requests in order to up their chances of finding a Carpool match.

The updated up is available now and Waze says that it will be releasing more customization options soon. The app is currently available in California, Texas and Israel.


  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.