Waze will no longer lead you into a slick and snowy unpaved street

Waze users can now report unpaved roads

In the most recent versions of Waze for Android and iOS, unpaved roads have been added to the list of road hazards and conditions that can be reported by users to alert other drivers of potentially dangerous or time-wasting situations.

Waze is a mobile navigation application that, in addition to giving directions, alerts drivers about road conditions like traffic, construction, and accidents immediately after another driver reports them. Most recently, as reported by TechCrunch, the company has added the ability report unplowed roads. 

The addition was originally requested by Virginia Department of Transportation and, just in time for snowstorm season, the feature began rolling out Tuesday.

Within the reporting tool, users can tap on "Hazards" and then "Weather" to find unplowed roads as a road condition to alert to other drivers. This information will also be provided to the Virginia Department of Transportation to help the organization locate unpaved roads and more efficiently clear them.

This tool rolled out on Tuesday and is live in every country where Waze is available.