We Asked Experts For Their Ultimate Anti-Ageing Tips: Here’s What They Said


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The secret to anti-ageing is a tricky business. Tales of the bizarre Hollywood fads like sheep placenta and bee venom, and next door’s nonagenarian granny who never used anything except plain old soap and still doesn’t look a day over 56, sound equally suspicious.

No matter how much we invest in miracle creams, the years ultimately still catch up. And the advice on what skincare to use to keep you looking young always seems to contradict itself. However, when we take out the old wives’ tales and the passing trends, there is one major thing that all cosmetic doctors and skin experts agree you can do to help stave off the wrinkles.

Wear sunscreen.

If you want to spend the summer catching rays for a bronzed glow, fine, but don’t expect to hang on to a wrinkle-free complexion for very long, especially if you have fair skin. UV rays cause damage in skin cells, and over time that accelerates the ageing process.

“Wear sunscreen every single day, and keep your skin out of direct sun as much as possible,” says Dr Maryam Zamani, a cosmetic doctor at the luxury Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea and founder of MZ Skincare. She recommends countering this with calcium and vitamin D supplements, to help keep your bones strong.

That’s the big one. But there are plenty more tips and tricks for helping your skin stay young. We spoke to a group of experts to find out their ultimate tips for hanging on to youth…

Dr Howard Murad, founder of Murad skincare says: Don’t sacrifice sleep

“Get a good night’s rest. Getting deep sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin and your health. Sleep has important therapeutic benefits – it may be one of your most productive time for repairing every system in your body, including your skin, which is the largest system and the one that displays the most dramatic signs of sleep deprivation,” he says.


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Dr Stefanie Williams, dermatologist and medical director of Eudelo clinic, says: Stick to a skin-kind diet

“To future proof you skin, make sure to eat plenty of healthy fats, such as olive oil and coconut oil. Forget the low-fat brainwashing of the past 30 years – it will only make you age quicker.

Dr Maryam Zamani, cosmetic doctor, says: Adapt your style

“As we age, our face structure changes, styles change and sometimes our eyebrows change,” says Dr Zamani. “It’s really important to re-evaluate the eyebrows as you age. Sometimes we need different plucking practices to keep looking happy and bright.”


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Niki Rein, founding director of barrecore, says: Build stress-busting into your routine

“My anti-ageing go-to’s starts from the inside out,” she says. “First, I practice mindfulness daily. A morning meditation, deep breathing, yoga or simply just feeling my feet on the ground when when stress starts to build reduces the ageing hormone, cortisol.”

Anushka Lakhani, founder of Aer blowdry bar says: Don’t forget your hair

“I recommend coating your hair with a leave-in conditioner if you’re on the beach or out in the sun. The layer of coating protects against UV rays, which are ageing on the hair,” she says.

Natali Kelly, nurse practitioner at Omniya says: Don’t let your bed add to your wrinkles

“Sleep on your back. The different in facial sagging I see on a daily basis, due to bad sleeping habit of lying on your face every night. This contributes to sleep lines, droopy brows and exaggerated jowls.”

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