Weatherman crying during solar eclipse is the sweetest thing you'll see today

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

While much of the country was watching the solar eclipse, WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling was sobbing live on TV. Skilling, who has the demeanor of an overly proud uncle, was reporting on the total eclipse from Carbondale, Ill., and couldn’t hold back his emotions.

“We’ve been told people start sobbing and for some, it’s just a life-changing event. And we may start doing that too,” Skilling said, obviously holding back tears minutes before the full eclipse. He promised to get his “act together,” but for the sweet, emotional man, that was a promise he couldn’t keep.

During the totality of the eclipse, Skilling was at a total loss for words and openly sobbed. He hugged several people while repeating, “Wow, look at that.” At one point a random man took the reins and interviewed him.

Seeing a grown man overcome by the wonders of the universe is what we all need right now.  

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