WeChat downloads grow 30 times in Indonesia after TV ad campaign

Winnie Nelson

TV commercials prove useful for Tencent’s WeChat as download numbers in Indonesia have grown 30 times after their ad started airing.

Advertising really works in Indonesia as recently, Tencent announced that WeChat managed to top the Indonesian App Store and Google Play all due to its massive TV advertising campaign and partnership with Indonesian media company MNC Media group.

How is this measured? Tencent claims that WeChat now has 30 times more downloads since the ad was aired the first time in Indonesia. It looks like TV advertising really hits the spot this time for the intended viral effect. It now seems thatNaver has no choice but to make way for Tencent’s WeChat as it surpasses LINE as the number one free app Google Play, pushing LINE to second place. Both face tough competition in the top spot, as the top three apps on Google Play are WeChat, LINE and WhatsApp..

Undeniably, LINE and WhatsApp may have been the preferred mobile messaging app, although WeChat is getting more popular in the country, thanks to the massive advertising. KakaoTalk is dropping off the charts as it is at number 52 among the top free apps on Google Play.  Surprisingly, on the Indonesian App Store itself, WeChat is not the top free ad as of this writing. The number one spot is taken by Icon Pop Brand, a popular free game by Alegrium, a Jakarta-based software company. Bringing Tencent back to BlackBerry World, WeChat has climbed to the number two spot with its Push to Talk, moments, emoticons and voice messaging features. Tencent was also recently named as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company for “pushing the Chinese people to speak up.”

Impressively, WeChat has more than 300 million users worldwide and the majority of these users are located in China. The company is working hard to expand its reach into Southeast Asia, Russia, and the United States. On the other hand, if we are compare the download numbers, WhatsApp and Skype still lord over WeChat in terms of mobile messaging. The rankings on Google Play and iTunes are based on the download numbers and growth rate over the previous week, though. This means yhsy even though WhatsApp and LINE are downloaded more than WeChat on Google Play, the latter’s 3,000 percent growth in one week has managed to push it to the top of the chart.

It’s probably a result of the WeChat feature-set that drives people to try it out, aside from the TV commercial. One thing is for sure here, TV advertising is still effective in Indonesia, especially in its reach, particularly with the younger demographic. It all boils down to the youth idolizing popular teen stars — a tactic guaranteed to be successful in spreading the word.

So, among many messaging apps, which is your favourite?

Source: DailySocial

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