Wedding photographer clashes with bride over ‘insane’ last-minute demand: ‘They need to pay’

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A photographer can’t believe how a bride and groom treated him on their wedding day.

He explained his issue with the couple on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The photographer was hired by a frugal couple for three hours on their wedding day. The bride and groom refused to cooperate with him, so he was unable to get solo shots of the wife. After the wedding, she called him up demanding, the photographer give her a free shoot.

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“From the get-go, this couple was being very frugal with their money,” he explained. “Since I had sympathy, I cut my prices to help lower that burden. From the get-go, they tried cutting every corner to get the most out of me. They wanted to dress their kids up and bring them to their engagement shoot, so they could also sneak some family photos (not cool, didn’t allow it). They booked me for three hours of their wedding, and I knew this was going to pose a problem, but three was all they could afford.”

Before the wedding, he asked for an itinerary and a shot list of all the needed photos. Instead, the couple told him they would “wing it.”

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“Wedding day comes, and everything is an unorganized disaster,” he wrote. “While I’m capturing all the important shots on the list, I’m trying to grab solo photos of the bride and groom, but they don’t make time for me. The groom comes out YELLING because I’ve taken him away from the party to take ‘stupid pictures,’ and honestly, the behavior was grotesque. I took the picture and left. A week passes, and I get a text from the bride at 11 p.m., ‘Omg, I was just having so much fun that I just realized we didn’t take any solo shots of myself.’ And she didn’t. Because she wouldn’t make time to take them. Because she wouldn’t give me a schedule that we could actually work with. Sooooo now, the bride is requesting that I do a ‘greatly-discounted or free’ bridal shoot for her.”

Reddit users thought the photographer had already done more than enough.

“They are insane. Respect your work, charge her full price or more,” one person wrote.

“They need to pay what they agreed to pay,” another said.

“You don’t owe them anything,” a user commented.

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