Wednesday's Morning Email: NYC Defiant After Terror Attack Claims 8 Lives


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SUSPECTED TERROR ATTACK KILLS 8 IN NEW YORK CITY “At least eight people were killed and 11 people injured Tuesday afternoon when a man drove a Home Depot rental truck down a bike path in lower Manhattan, striking several people, authorities said.” Take a look at the “trail of terror.” Here’s what we know about Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, the suspect in custody, and the victims of the attack. President Donald Trump responded on Twitter, saying “NOT IN THE U.S.A.!” This teacherhas witnessed three deadly attacks from inside Stuyvesant High School. And undeterred by terror, New Yorkers enjoyed quite the Halloween. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OBAMACARE OPEN ENROLLMENT, WHICH BEGINS TODAY From understanding the exchanges and financial assistance available to the deadlines in each state. [HuffPost] SENATORS WENT AFTER SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS During a hearing about Russian interference in the election, lawmakers hammeredrepresentatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google and asked if they have too much power. And take a look at how Facebook could be regulated. [HuffPost] ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WAVE OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS From a top NPR editor to three Dartmouth college professors. Actor Jeremy Piven was accused of sexually assaulting an actress on the “Entourage” set. A “Grey’s Anatomy” star came forwardwith another James Toback allegation. Questions arose over how much Disney knew about Harvey Weinstein. Netflix has suspended productionon the final season of “House of Cards” amid the allegations against star Kevin Spacey. And why are we still not talking about Roman Polanski? [HuffPost] WEST VIRGINIA WATCHES AS THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC RAVAGES ITS RESIDENTS “We are losing a whole generation and probably two generations of people.” [HuffPost] IT’S ONLY FITTING THIS WORLD SERIES IS GOING TO A GAME 7 It’ll be a doozy after the LA Dodgers forced the final deciding game against the Houston Astros. [HuffPost] A BLACK MAN AND A WHITE WOMAN SAT DOWN AT A PUB And then the white supremacists showed up. [HuffPost]


BECAUSE WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS ANYMORE Experts are questioning the story of two women who were rescued at sea last week after disappearing in May. [HuffPost] THE CHEF WHO FED PUERTO RICO ”[José Andrés’] much more than a hero. The situation is that still some people don’t even have food. He is all that is keeping them from starving.” [NYT] TALK ABOUT A NIGHTMARE These parents found meth in their kid’s Halloween candy. [HuffPost] THIS REPORT GRADES BAIL SYSTEMS IN EACH STATE Only one got an A. [HuffPost] DIOR CHOSE 25-YEAR-OLD CARA DELEVINGNE AS THE FACE OF ITS ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS Yes, you read that correctly. [HuffPost] WE’LL PASS ON THE LIPSTICK SAMPLES After learning you can get herpes in cosmetics wonderlands like Sephora. [HuffPost] A GERMAN COURT STOPPED THESE PARENTS FROM NAMING THEIR CHILD LUCIFER There were 13 babies named Lucifer in the U.S. in 2016. [HuffPost]


Stephen Colbert warned terrorists: New York City will never live in fear. Ken Burns had some thoughts on John Kelly’s Civil War remarks. Breaking down those texts from Paul Manafort’s daughter about his relationship with Trump. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared to think Kennedy and JFK were different presidents. Life on the front lines of the Nicaragua abortion crisis. And for the final costume round-up: This paralympian with one leg, Justin Trudeau, Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen all won Halloween. The Aibo robot dog is back. Weight Watchers is rolling out low-calorie white wine. How rising pineapple costs explain the unforeseen impacts of Brexit. In defense of crows. Barack Obama just trolled all the birthers. Wendy Williams fainted on live TV while dressed as the Statue of Liberty. The mistakes you’re making in that cast iron skillet. We dig seeing Kate Middleton rock Nikes and sweatpants.  Of course A-Rod and J-Lo have an absurd first date story that includes an abbreviation to boot. Inside the slow death of Sears, the “Amazon of the 20th century.” Be right back, taking one of those $99 flights to Europe.


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