Wednesday's Morning Email: Senate Republicans Just Threw An Obamacare Bombshell Into The Tax Debate


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SENATE REPUBLICANS JUST THREW AN OBAMACARE BOMBSHELL INTO THE TAX DEBATE “Republicans in the U.S. Senate want to gut Obamacare in the latest draft of tax reform legislation they released late Tuesday. The new version of the tax bill repeals the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all Americans either purchase health insurance or pay a penalty.” Jonathan Cohn breaks down what exactly that means. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] ZIMBABWE’S MILITARY SEIZES POWER AND HOLDS PRESIDENT MUGABE Amid rumors of a coup. Here’s the statement the military issued on TV after seizing power. [Reuters] THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE HAS PULLED ITS FUNDING FOR ROY MOORE Following the National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising arm, which pulled out last week. Even Sean Hannity is now calling for Roy Moore to quit, after more advertisers dropped his Fox News show for his defense of the GOP candidate. A robocall in Alabama​ is attempting to impersonate a Washington Post reporter in order to discredit the allegations against Moore. And GOP senators are in a bit of a bind when asked why they believe Moore’s accusers, but not Trump’s. [HuffPost] FOUR DEAD AFTER SHOOTING AT NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL At least 10 other people were wounded, including two students, after a gunman opened fire at multiple locations in a small Northern California community. In the aftermath, Twitter was quick to point out that Trump tweeted his condolences for the wrong mass shooting. [HuffPost] SENATOR: I USED TO AVOID ELEVATORS AS AN INTERN TO AVOID SEXUAL HARASSMENT “Because elevators were when you were captured,” Sen. Claire McCaskill said. Here’s what the Hill is doing on top of mandating sexual harassment training after Rep. Jackie Speier said at least two members of Congress are sexual harassers. [HuffPost] AUSTRALIAN SURVEY SAYS YES TO SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Bringing the country one step closer to equality. Celebrities chimed in with excitement over the news. [HuffPost]


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