Week 11 Fantasy Football Recap: Justin Fields searching for balance, Josh Allen struggles in Detroit & Davante Adams’ walk-off

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Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski recap all of the Sunday afternoon games from week 11 in the NFL, which offered mostly bad games and a lot of fantasy football misses.

The guys wonder if Daniel Jones or Brian Daboll deserves more credit for the Giants’ success, whether the Cowboys will ever go back to giving Zeke more touches than Pollard and if the Bears need to stop calling designed runs for Justin Fields before he gets seriously injured.

They also discuss the Eagles looking lost without Dallas Goedert, Josh Allen maybe having lost his confidence, the Steelers looking better (but still bad) on offense, and how the heck the Broncos left Davante Adams open in overtime.

Finally, Matt explains why the Jets and Patriots deserve no excuses for their putrid offenses and the guys discuss if Baker Mayfield is one of the worst backup QBs in the league (no starter, backup).

02:45 Lions 31, Giants 18

09:40 Cowboys 40, Vikings 3

18:20 Falcons 27, Bears 24

26:00 Eagles 17, Colts 16

31:30 Bills 31, Browns 23 (in Detroit)

36:00 Bengals 37, Steelers 30

40:30 Raiders 22, Broncos 16 (OT)

46:00 Saints 27, Rams 20

52:00 Commanders 23, Texans 10

54:10 Patriots 10, Jets 3

62:15 Ravens 13, Panthers 3

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