This Week in Weird News: Is That A Giant Chicken?


This Week in Weird News:

Is That A Giant Chicken?

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Hey guys! Fun fact: people are still terrible. Yep, seriously. It’s a great time to be alive if you’re mean and a dumbass.

It’s also a great time to embrace your inner weird, given that the whole world is churning strangeness out on a frequent basis.

Don’t believe us? There’s stuff happening like:

1. Japanese wrestling has a storyline involving Donald Trump, and it is getting weird

Ever the paragon of the weird and awesome, Japan just did its own take on U.S. President Donald Trump. Turns out Donald took a break from calling fake news, golfing, and slashing budgets to become the head of the DDT wrestling promotion in Japan. He also had the time to make romantic moves on a referee:

Trump made a match for one of DDT’s shows. The match in question? An “Anal Explosion Death Match.” But wait. How do you win an “Anal Explosion Death Match?” You win by setting off a firework off your opponent’s ass because this is Japanese pro-wrestling and your logic can go fuck itself. It will look something like this:

Incidentally, one of the wrestlers involved in the match is Joey Ryan, whose clip of him suplexing another wrestler with his wiener went viral some time back.

Via Giphy

He calls it the “YouPorn Plex.” You gotta love professional wrestling.


2. Huge snake vomits whole deer because DAMN NATURE, YOU SCARY

If you just ate, we got bad news. Footage shot by Jaco Kotze has gone viral recently, showing a 12-ft rock python regurgitating a WHOLE damn deer. It clearly bit off more than it can chew, so it decided to vomit the whole thing intact.

The incident took place in Kotze’s farm in South Africa. He says the snake was released to a safer location after its bout with indigestion.


Speaking of nature…


3. Introducing the world’s first fluorescent frog

Via Huffington Post / Giphy

Scientists made quite the eye-catching discovery in South America when they discovered the first bioluminescent amphibian.

In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers describe how the Polka Dot Tree Frog (Hypsiboas punctatus) changes its pale yellow color with red polka dots to an intense neon green hue when ultraviolet light shines on the creature.

The compounds that are the source for the frog’s glow are commonly found in plants. Researchers still aren’t sure why the amphibians have this ability. It could be for mating and communication, researchers hypothesize.

Next time you’re in the club, cover yourself in neon green paint. If it worked for frogs, it might help in solving your non-existent love life.


4. City builds train tracks through apartment complex

Via Mashable

Here’s a genius idea for urban design in a crowded city: build train tracks through a damn apartment.

Surprisingly, residents of the building haven’t complained of any noise coming from the train, considering it’s been going through the building for 11 years. Some residents even say that the cars on the street are even louder than the said train.

The Liziba Station, where you can go on between the building’s sixth and eighth floor, is part of the Chongqqing Line 2 in China and was completed in 2005. What’s more, developers say that the train produces only 75.8 decibels of sound, or roughly 10 decibels more than a normal conversation.

Why can’t we have something like this in the PH? Oh right, our officials have never heard of good urban design and implementation.