This Week in Weird News: Stonefish and Hairy Blobs

Kevin Christian L. Santos

This Week in Weird News:

Stonefish and Hairy Blobs

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Hey weird team! Our country is going down into mind-numbing facepalm territory. Why? The House of Representatives just OK’d the second reading for the restoration of the death penalty. The catch? Rape and plunder are now dropped as crimes punishable by death, with the bill now focusing on drug-related crimes. Because instead of rehab, apparently our government continuously stealing from the people they promised to serve, the reason why the country is in its current state is not as bad as doing drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

The country is in a weird state right now thanks to it being run by politicians with their heads stuck up their hairy, poop-encrusted asses. Speaking of weird, it doesn’t help that other strange things are happening. Stuff like:

1. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio gives birth to third child, names him “Stonefish” because why the hell not

Presidential daughter and Davao mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, lovingly giving him the nickname “Stonefish,” because reasons. Stonefish, full name Marko Digong D. Carpio, her third child with husband Manases Carpio. Incidentally, the couple has two other children with the nicknames “Sharky” and “Stingray.”

With a name like Stingray, Twitter had a field day:

It could be worse. He could’ve had butanding, janitor fish, blob fish, Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, or slippery dick (haha). Meanwhile, I’m really tempted to name my future child “Die Hard: With A Vengeance.” Also, I’m still forgetting the horrible trauma of having the nickname “sits down when he pees” and “faggot” as childhood nicknames.


2. Footage shows “possessed man” shot in the face roaming around hospital


Hospitals have to deal with mind-boggling shit all the time, but not like this. In OH HELL NAW news, creepy footage of an alleged possessed man terrorizing a hospital after he was shot in the face.

Via Russia Today

In a report by Russia Today, the video was filmed in the public hospital Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Footage shows the man wandering the hospital’s halls with his body twisted and contorted, proclaiming that he’s working with Lucifer as blood spurts from his face.

That being said, drugs are bad mmkay and let’s hope this guy gets the help he needs.


3. Tilapia now being tested to help save burn victims

Also in Brazil, doctors are testing sterilized tilapia skin as a remedy to burn victims, acting as a bandage for second and third degree burns.

According to Stat News, the reason for the use of tilapia skin was due to an unmet need. Animal skin has been used as a treatment to burn victims in first world countries. However, Brazil does not have the human skin, pig skin, and more alternatives that are available in developed countries.

Patients in Brazil are normally bandaged with gauze and silver sulfadiazine cream. However, doctors say that this method isn’t really effective in debriding the wound and escalate the healing process. In addition, the bandage must be replaced everyday, which is a painful experience for patients. Unlike bandages, the sterilized tilapia stays on.

Doctors were surprised with the amount of types 1 and 3 collagen proteins tilapia skin has, which is important for scarring. This new treatment also reduces healing time by several days and greatly reduces the need for pain medication. A patient proclaimed how his pain was instantly relieved upon application.

Though trials are still ongoing, let’s hope that this gets funded so it gets widely distributed and circulated to the public health system so people get the help they deserve.


4. Scientists make flour out of cockroaches and haha no thanks

Via Giphy

Also in Brazil (these guys are on a roll), scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande  Andressa Lucas and Lauren Menegon have come up with a way to make flour out of cockroaches.

The scientists say that cockroach flour has 40% more protein than regular flour. Imagine all the GAINZ, bruh! It also contains eight of nine amino acids and omega -3 and -9. Incidentally, people who tasted their creation could hardly taste the difference.

The UN states that by 2050, land area for food production will be limited and we may need to look for other avenues for food production. So let’s bowing and chowing down on our cockroach overlords in the near future.