This week's new game picks: 'Concrete Genie,' 'Trine 4,' 'Indivisible,' 'Grid,' 'John Wick Hex,' more

Graffiti comes alive in town-spraying ramble "Concrete Genie," a knight, a thief and a wizard go adventuring in "Trine 4," animation meets platform action and combat in "Indivisible," and both street and racetrack circuits can be found in "Grid." Meanwhile, an action movie franchise becomes a strategy game in "John Wick Hex," "Deliver Us The Moon" finds intrigue in an abandoned lunar power plant, and "Pine" looks to deliver a wild fantasy adventure in nature.

Concrete Genie
PlayStation 4

[Release date reveal trailer:]
Bring the surrounds to life through animated graffiti by mixing and matching from a selection of collectible, preset template sketches, so that artist Ash can overcome both the local bullies and an affliction striking his hometown of Denska.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

[Trine 4 launch trailer:]
Three heroes -- a knight, a wizard, and a thief -- set off to rescue Prince Selius, and must use their contrasting, complementary skills to do so. But as they track him down, the Prince's dreams are filling the world with nightmare creatures. A return to the side-on perspective of the first two "Trine" puzzle adventures.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux; Nintendo Switch coming soon

Side-on jump'n'run exploration meets group combat and role-playing game progression as fearless teen heroine Ajna tries to save the day while learning who she really is. A blend of usually disparate genre conventions, tied together with smooth animation and exciting soundtrack choices.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC from October 11 (Ultimate Edition from October 8)

[Launch trailer:]
Flashy, multi-discipline racer featuring circuits set in Barcelona, Havana, San Fran and Shanghai, as well as the racecourses of Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Sydney Motorsport Park and Zhejiang, among others, plus cars plucked from Touring, GT, and Stock Car garages, as well as a dozen tuners and a couple of prototypes and open wheelers. Upcoming rival "Need for Speed Heat" releases November 8, while "F1 2019" and "WRC 8" are already out.

John Wick Hex
PC, Mac; console version announced but not yet dated

[Release date trailer:]
A dynamic turn-based puzzle in which you are consummate hitman John Wick (or, perhaps, his fight choreographer), taking your time to choose where to move and how to attack in order to defeat a new villain, Hex.

Deliver Us The Moon
PC; PlayStation 4, Xbox One in 2020

[Gameplay trailer:]
As the Earth's last astronaut, it's up to you to investigate the shutdown of a vital energy plant on the moon, find out what happened, and restore it in order for humanity's survival to be secured.

Windows, Mac and Linux; Nintendo Switch edition soon

[Launch trailer:]
As one of the first humans in a land populated by five animal civilizations, explore an open world, discover its stories, and negotiate (or encourage) tensions between tribes.