This week's TikTok beauty hack: A superstar blow-dry in five minutes flat

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This blow-dry trick from the TikToker @yazblends has already been viewed more than seven million times.

All tricks are good when it comes to saving time in the bathroom. And that's something that has not escaped the inventiveness of TikTokers, always ready to experiment with new methods, products and hair techniques. But it is to a hair pro that we owe the latest hack that has gone viral on the social network, promising a Hollywood-worthy blow-dry in a matter of minutes.

This new TikTok beauty hack could prove frustrating, even embarrassing, for anyone who has spent hundreds of dollars on ultra-sophisticated hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons or other styling gadgets. Because this new trick, shared online by a professional hairstylist, requires only basic equipment. In other words, it's within everyone's reach. And, as a bonus, it only takes a few minutes.

Once uploaded, the video from this user named Yasmina (@ yazblends ) scored thousands of views in just a few minutes, reflecting the instant craze for this oh-so simple technique. Simple, but no less ingenious. One week after being posted, the trick has been seen some seven million times. In the video, this hair expert explains how to achieve a star-style blow-dry or, as she calls it, a "flippy blow-dry look" -- also referred to as the "flippy blow-dry" on the internet. This, in other words, is the hairstyle of the moment: a smooth blow-dry over most of the head, with ultra-glamorous bouncy, flicky ends -- straight out of the '60s and then the '90s.

To do this, simply wring out your hair and use a hairdryer to make sure it's at least 50% dry, just as if you were blow-drying it as usual. The trick is then to separate the hair into two equal parts, then twist them, before running your hair dryer -- on the hot setting, of course -- over these twists. Let it sit, then gently untangle the twists with your fingers. And that's it! Now, during the day, or at evening events, you can step out with a blow-dry worthy of the greatest hair salons. The result is amazing.

And this technique is proving a hit with TikTokers, who have watched it and shared it widely, although without ever really specifying if the hairstyle lasted. If in doubt, you could try adding a fixative -- like hairspray -- to help boost its chances.

Christelle Pellissier

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