Weinstein’s "Non-Profit" AHF, Under Investigation by the FPPC, Surpasses $40 Million Mark to Prop Up Prop 21

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Single Donor Responsible for 99.9% of Measure’s Funding

According to the most recent reports filed with the California Secretary of State, Michael Weinstein’s "nonprofit" AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has poured $40,184,953 into the Yes on Proposition 21 campaign. AHF’s spending represents 99.85 percent of the funding for the ballot measure – the highest level of contributions from a single source of any measure on this year’s ballot.

The $40 million pumped into the campaign by AHF rivals that which national corporations are spending on other measures on the ballot. This year’s spending by Weinstein’s AHF is nearly double what it spent less than two years ago on Proposition 10, a near carbon-copy of Proposition 21 that failed by nearly 20 percentage points.

AHF’s spending on political campaigns and lobbying in several states, which now has passed more than $116 million, is the subject of scrutiny by lawmakers.

State Senator Ben Hueso (D-Chula Vista) last year called for an investigation by Attorney General Xavier Becerra into AHF’s use of its federal dollars for political activities.

Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) also introduced legislation last year that would have banned health-related organizations like AHF from using monies for political and legislative activity.

The only public polling on Prop 21 shows the measure has only 37 percent support. It is opposed by Governor Gavin Newsom, senior, labor, veterans and other community groups.

Ad paid for by No on Prop 21: Californians for Responsible Housing, a coalition of seniors, veterans, affordable housing advocates, labor & social justice organizations, sponsored by California Apartment Association.

Committee major funding from:

Essex Property Trust and Affiliated Entities

Equity Residential

AvalonBay Communities

Funding details at: http://www.fppc.ca.gov

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