Opposition pact is like Ali Baba: Najib


SIPITANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak described it as “peculiar” that the opposition has yet to reach consensus on who should become Prime Minister were they to come to power.

Speaking during the launch of the Sipitang package for the Pan Borneo Highway project here, he said it is “weird” that the opposition has agreed on who the deputy prime minister would be, but not the person for the number one post.

“So how can they say Malaysia is a failed state? The one who is failing is the opposition.

“The weird thing is they have agreed on the DPM, but not the PM candidate.

“So who will be PM? Will Wan Azizah become PM? Will Anwar Ibrahim become PM? Will Muhyiddin become PM? Who? That is weird – that the DPM will determine who will become PM.

“This is a form of ‘Ali Baba’ (subcontractor culture) way of thinking, and the opposition is Ali Baba. But Barisan Nasional is a coalition with an agreement among 13 component parties, where we develop all levels of people, regardless of race and culture, especially in Sabah, which is so diverse,” he said.

Najib added that no failed state could bring a RM12 billion development like the Pan Borneo highway project, which is of world-class standard.

"The project is not just as it is. The state government has asked for more allocation... we will add more if our finances allow us," he said, adding that what is being done in Sarawak, the government will also do in Sabah.

Najib also said “a leader of 22 years before him” did not initiate the Pan Borneo highway, but only built a North-South highway in Peninsular Malaysia – a clear jab at Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said it is unfair for the people of Sabah to just see those in the Peninsula enjoying development in terms of infrastructure.

“I have done this not expecting anything in return... But when the time comes, don’t forget about me and BN.

“There is one Chinese proverb I like... ‘If you drink the water from a well, don’t forget the person who dug the well’,” Najib added.