‘We were recruits’ – review of motivational documentary by Lyubomyr Levytskyi

'We were recruits' official poster
'We were recruits' official poster

A thoughtful, quasi-documentary film depicts the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade soldiers’ paths, straightforward mixture of dire truth mixed with the pathos, manifest view of the director, Lyubomyr Levytskyi (Shtolnya).

This film combines real footage shot by the unit's stormtroopers and scouts during combat missions diluted with artistic inserts. Not a single penny from the state budget was spent on the film - all expenses were covered by Favbet, international betting company.

We Were Recruits becomes a series of eight experienced warriors’ stories who were once ordinary people and whom they, to a certain extent, still remain. Appreciation is mixed here with a message: anyone can follow their path.

Their stories are being told through interviews conducted by a 19-year-old recruit with the code name "Journalist", who must overcome the path from a recruit undergoing training on the training ground to a real fighter who takes part in decisive bloody battles – powerful scenes, packed with suspense, making your heart race.

The soldiers will appear not only as indomitable and brave heroes who risk their lives to protect our land, but also as ordinary people with their own philosophy, views, dreams, and personality. The audience seems to be in the middle of the real Brigade’s everyday life, where there is a place for real humor along with exhausting trainings, and fierce battles are accompanied by our heroes’ unwavering faith.

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The film shows how our army has changed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion thanks to the help of our Western partners and the invincible Ukrainian people. The newest equipment – that one which even a year ago our army could not even dream of, is now ingeniously used by fighters to detect and destroy the enemy.

Director Levytskyi shared his emotions about the documentary in August 2023, when the first official teaser was introduced.

“Our mission is to inspire everyone who is in service today,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Everyone who helps bring our Victory closer. Glory to Ukraine. Our strength is in our unity. I love us, Ukrainians.”

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