West Bengal Board Adds Coronavirus in Class 11 Syllabus

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Coronavirus now finds a place in the class 11 syllabus of West Bengal Board affiliated schools. Class 11 students have been given a detailed overview of Coronavirus in Health and Physical Education subject.

The new chapter added in the subject includes topics such as what is coronavirus? How does it infect others? What are the symptoms? What is quarantine? All these aspects are clearly explained in this chapter.

The symptoms, how to maintain a safe distance and other precautionary measures against the disease are also included in the syllabus. Interestingly not only Coronavorus this chapter also includes information on other infectious diseases.

In the coming academic year, the government plans to introduce coronavirus in the class 6 syllabus too. The advisory committee on Coronavirus has given advice to Government to come up with such ideas. Government plans to implement a Coronavirus curriculum in every class starting from class 6 onwards.

"This virus has changed our lives, so many of us have lost near and dear ones, so having the basic information about this virus is now a necessity, " says one officer from Education Department.

Dr Yogiraj Roy, an expert on infectious diseases told news18.com, "This is a very good initiative as coronavirus is going to stay with us. If children get the basic knowledge, that will help in early diagnosis and, this will increase the vaccination rate too. Moreover, even if Corona goes then also historically this has huge importance."

Public Health expert Kajal Krishna Banik said, "This awareness from childhood is very much required. This will help the society at large, the fear of Coronavirus will also go."

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