West Bengal Lottery Result 2021: Dear Bangabhumi Raidak Results for September 22 at 4 PM, Here's How to Check

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The West Bengal State Lottery Department will release the results of the Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak on September 22. The West Bengal State Lottery Sambad ‘Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak’ is declared every Wednesday. The outcome can be checked at 4 pm. The Dear Bangabhumi Raidak Sambad Lottery will be held at Ganesh Chandra Avenue in Kolkata. The West Bengal lottery results will be updated on the official website at lotterysambadresult.in. The Dear Bangabhumi Raidak lottery results will be published online and even in local leading newspapers. The lottery tickets are sold for Rs 6, each, at state-authorised shops. Those who have participated can check the results after it is announced.

Prize structure:

First prize: Rs 50 lakh

Second prize: Rs 9,000

Third prize: Rs 500

Fourth prize: Rs 250

Fifth prize: Rs 120

Consolation prize: Rs 1,000

How to check the results:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Sambad Lottery or type www.lotterysambadresult.in

Step 2: Look for the ‘Lottery Sambad Result 22.9.2021 Dear Bangabhumi Raidak’ 4 pm result tab on the new page

Step 3: A list comprising the winning ticket numbers will be displayed on your screen

Step 4: View the result and match it with the numbers on your ticket

You are one of the winners if your ticket corresponds with the winning numbers. The winning ticket holder will have to report to the West Bengal Gazette office to claim the prize money. Once the results are released, the ticket and numbers are valid only 30 days after the date of the result. The winner has to present the ticket and a valid identity proof to the concerned authorities who will check the number for verification. The winner will be handed over the prize amount post tax deduction.

Weekly games rolled out by West Bengal State Lottery:

Monday: Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta

Tuesday: Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha

Wednesday: Dear Bangabhumi Raidak

Thursday: Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi

Friday: Dear Bangabhumi Ajay

Saturday: Dear Bangasree Damodar

Sunday: Dear Bangasree Ichamati

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