The West Wing star says cast reunion ‘coming soon’ when asked about support of Black Lives Matter

Louis Chilton

The West Wing star Richard Schiff has suggested that he is “working with” his former co-stars to hold a fundraising reunion special, after being asked on Twitter why his current series, The Good Doctor, hasn’t recognised the Black Lives Matter movement.

The promise comes amid widespread protests over racial inequality and racist violence sparked by the killing of George Floyd while being arrested by police officers.

Schiff played White House speech writer Toby Ziegler in The West Wing, NBC’s acclaimed political drama.

In the tweet, he also praised the cast of cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine for donating $100,000 (£80,000) to the National Bail Fund network.

One preceding tweet, directed at Schiff, said: “Are we being actively anti-racist if we’re supporting a show and keeping its relevancy if they don’t support #BlackLivesMatter?”

The next read: “[The cast of The Good Doctor] could have as an example the cast and production of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

TGD has thousands of fans all over the world, and most follow them on social networks, we can use this platform for good.”

Schiff responded: “I am working with my cast mates from The West Wing for these purposes. Including a cast reunion and reading coming soon.

“Good for Brooklyn 99,” he added. “I hope it makes a difference.”

NBC’s drama featured an ensemble cast, which included Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Allison Janney and Stockard Channing, and told the story of fictional Democratic president Jed Bartlet’s terms in office.

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