Western weapons alone will not win the war for Ukraine - Made-in-Ukraine production is necessary

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers

Western aid alone will not be enough alone for Ukraine; it is vital to increase its weapon production, said 3rd Separate Assault Brigade deputy commander Maksym Zhorin.

"In today's reality, Western aid alone - especially given its non-systematic nature - is not enough for us," he said on Telegram.

"We need to increase our own production very quickly in all areas of the military industry."

There is always a need for more weapons of any kind as there has never been a war where there were enough resources, he said.

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"There will never be a moment when we say 'we have everything, we don't need anything else,'" he said.

“It is difficult to say how many FPV drones are needed in today's conditions – as only our 3rd Brigade, now deployed near Avdiivka, uses 130 daily.”

"There are calmer areas now, but we will face even more intense battles," he said.

“Night FPV drones are very effective - ten units of enemy equipment were left inoperative in the first two days alone.”

"But drones are considered consumables, and you need to have a lot of them for good results," he added.

Military aid to Ukraine from the USA

U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill providing $61 billion in support for Ukraine on April 24, which had been stalled in the House of Representatives for several months.

The U.S. would supply weapons from the aid package within hours, he said immediately after signing.

The Pentagon reported that the aid package includes air defense missiles, ammunition for HIMARS, 155-mm artillery shells, Bradley fighting vehicles, Humvee armored vehicles, and high-precision aviation ammunition.

The United States will allocate $6 billion to purchase weapons for Ukraine from the American industry, U.S. Defense Minister Lloyd Austin noted on April 26.

Some of the military aid promised by allies has already arrived in Ukraine, Zelensky said on April 29.

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