Westinghouse Digital to debut ‘budget' 110-inch ultra-high definition TV

The US television manufacturer plans to launch its gargantuan 9-foot (2.8-meter) ultra-high definition TV set at CES in January alongside a number of comparatively tiny 50-, 55- and 65-inch models.

Westinghouse Digital claims the new models will combine the best of what is still an emerging technology with value for money in a bid to make next-generation TV more affordable to the average consumer.

Although the company is yet to indicate how much the TVs will retail for, it has revealed that each model will feature 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution plus a 120Hz refresh rate and will be available to buy in Q1 of 2013. The giant 110-inch set will initially be available as a custom order.

Ultra-high definition or 4K TVs (so called because they boast four times as many pixels as a standard HD TV) were one of the main attractions at 2012's CES, with both Samsung and LG demonstrating 84-inch models that have already gone into production despite the current paucity of suitably high-definition content (there are no plans for TV broadcasters to start supporting the format until 2014) and currently retail for $20,000.

At 110 inches, Westinghouse Digital's TV would become the largest UHD TV available to consumers and even though the company is renowned for building value-for-money TVs, considering the investment in technology and manufacturing costs associated with new products, it is difficult to imagine Westinghouse Digital being able to significantly undercut either Samsung or LG, which happen to be the world's number-one and number-two LCD display panel makers and can therefore draw upon economies of scale that no other manufacturer can.