WeWork to enter Indonesia with two co-working spaces by Q3 2018

Yon Heong Tung
WeWork to launch in Ho Chi Minh City next month

WeWork is also set to launch in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila by the end of this year

New York City’s co-working space chain WeWork is expanding its Asia footprint with the announcement of two spaces in Indonesia.

The first space will be located in the Sinarmas MSIG Tower, where it will take up three floors and accommodate 800 members; and the second will be housed in the Revenue Tower, while it will take up five floors and accommodate 1,400 members.

Both co-working spaces will be located in Jakarta’s Central Business District, and are expected to be established by Q3 2018.

As with members of other WeWork spaces, those situated at the Jakarta locations will get to enjoy services such as the WeWork’s Member Network App, a platform that enables members to collaborate in-person, as well as amenities such as phone booths, community bars, and common and breakout areas.

Several Indonesian startups such as B2B e-commerce service Bizzy.co.id and HR software provider DataOn, and a VC firm Rekanext, have already announced their intentions to move into co-working spaces.

Marta Gultom, Vice President of Solution Sales at DataOn said that the company will be able to tap into WeWork’s global network to expand into Singapore “seamlessly”.

“By connecting with other innovators in the WeWork family, we are confident that we will be able to scale our business to greater heights,” he said.

The launch of WeWork spaces in Indonesia also underscores President Joko Widodo’s goal of fostering innovation through collaboration and networking, which is facilitated via co-working spaces.

“Sinar Mas Land is excited to welcome the initial entry of WeWork in Indonesia as the largest global collaborative space player, into the prominent Sinarmas MSIG Tower. Made possible by a successful partnership between Sinar Mas Land and WeWork, we are confident that this will raise the bar in redefining work environments,” said Teky Mailoa, CEO, Asset Management, Sinar Mas Land, in an official press statement.

“As a game changer in the local industry, this will inject new energy amongst our tenant base and boost the surrounding local economy.”

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Beyond Indonesia

Besides Indonesia, WeWork also announced that it will expand into other Southeast Asia markets such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Manila by the end of 2018.

In addition, WeWork will officially launch its second location in Singapore, WeWork 71 Robinson, by the end of this quarter. It also plans to launch an additional three spaces in the country, WeWork 60 Anson Road, WeWork 22 Cross Street and WeWork Funan, in the future.

Using a US$500 million investment entity, WeWork began rolling into Southeast Asia six months ago with the launch of a co-working space in Beach Road, Singapore. It then acquired a Singapore-based equivalent Spacemob to accelerate its expansion efforts.

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