WhatsApp group admin may face action if members spread false news - Jailani


PUTRAJAYA: The proposal to impose legal action on WhatsApp group administrators is aimed at ensuring they are more responsible in controlling the activities of their group members said Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Jailani Johari.

Defending his statement on the proposal which had been reported, Jailani, however, said it depended on the approval of the Attorney-general as to whether legal action was appropriate against group administrators who failed to curb the spread of false information among members.

“Responsible administrators will definitely screen and not spread false news indiscriminately for the sake of feeling grand and proud which do not bring any benefit or good,” he said.

He said offences on social media or related to the internet was not only under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 but also involves laws under the jurisdiction of the police such as the Sedition Act 1948, Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1972 and the Penal Code. “It“s like this, why be afraid, whoever does it, gets it.

We know the internet is at our fingertips but we must be responsible at what is being disseminated,” he told a media conference after opening the E-Dagang Delivery Symposium and 2017 Industry Award here today.

As for the need to emulate India which had introduced WhatsApp group administrative law which provided imprisonment if members of the group spread false news, Jailani said the matter must be scrutinised further because the situation here was different. “The situation is different. Malaysia already has a related law which is complete and can be utilised for such offences,” he said. -- BERNAMA