Where to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

 A wizard in a vault.
A wizard in a vault.

The first weapons and tools you'll craft in co-op survival RPG Enshrouded will be made of wood and stone, but pretty quickly you'll want to make yourself some sturdier gear. Once you begin finding metal scraps you'll be able to craft better tools, weapons, and armor, and once you've met the Blacksmith you'll even be able to start smelting those metal scraps into metal sheets to unlock even better equipment.

But where's the best place to reliably get metal scraps? In survival games you typically expect to find metal ore by mining, and that's true for resources like copper ore. Metal scraps, however, are a bit different, and you won't find them by digging or mining.

Enshrouded: Where to find metal scraps

Enshrouded metal scraps are typically found:

  • Inside the Cinder Vault where you started

  • As drops from humanoid scavenger enemies

  • In scavenger camps on tables or near crafting benches

  • In scavenger camps by smashing objects like barrels or furniture

  • In scavenger camps or stashes by disassembling objects

One easy spot to find metal scraps early on is inside the Cinder Vault where you began the game. Remember that metal urn you climbed out of? That, and all the other urns in the vault can be smashed with a pickaxe and will drop 3 metal scraps when destroyed. They're durable so you have to bang on them for a while, but it's easy because there are no enemies around and you can fast-travel there at will.

Otherwise, the best source of metal scraps is killing humanoid enemies called scavengers, which are found above the shroud, not in enshrouded areas. You can find scavengers in camps and settlements throughout the world, and sometimes within castles or temple ruins. Killing these enemies will almost always provide you with some metal scraps.

If you've killed all the scavengers in a camp or settlement, look around for metal scraps on tables or crafting benches, where it can simply be picked up. There are often small lootable piles of wood and metal that will show you a prompt when you get close enough to them. Occasionally you'll also find an object that will have a 'disassemble' prompt.

Fantasy chartcter in a ruined town
Fantasy chartcter in a ruined town

Just about any prop or decoration you see in a camp, building, or tent, like metal cages, furniture, barrels, crates, and urns, can be smashed with a weapon or tool and will often give you metal scraps. Spend extra time in each camp or settlement you come across smashing anything you find that looks like it might have some metal in it.

If you're just starting out, a good location to visit is Rookmore, a small camp with about a half-dozen enemies. You'll find it by crossing Braelyn Bridge to the north of your starting area, then turning west. You'll need a grappling hook to cross the bridge and a glider to safely jump from the ledge into Rookmore. Every enemy and object in Rookmore will respawn over time so it's a great spot near the starting area to loot for metal scraps over and over again.