Where Are Those Shouting in Defence of Triple Talaq, Asks Javed Akhtar as Taliban Ask Working Women to Stay Home

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In the wake of Kabul Mayor’s diktat asking all working women of the city to stay at home, Lyricist and Scriptwriter Javed Akhtar took to Twitter to express his discontent and also appealed to all the Muslim bodies to collectively condemn the order which was being done in the name of religion.

Taking to Twitter, Javed Akhtar wrote ‘Aljazeera has reported that the mayor of Kabul has ordered all working women should stay at home I expect all important Muslim bodies to condemn it because it is being done in the name of their religion Where are all those who were till yesterday shouting in defense of 3 talaqs’.

However, this is not the first time that a statement of the Taliban has upset the lyricist-poet. Earlier, the 76-year-old had raised his voice against the statement made by Taliban spokesperson Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi who said that women weren’t meant to lead the country or become cabinet members implying that their only role is to bear children and stay at home.

In a two-part Twitter post, the screenwriter urged every individual, democratic government and civilized society in the world to condemn the Taliban for repressing Afghani women. If the world fails to do so, Akhtar further added that one must forget living in a world that is just and humane.

Only those women municipal workers in Kabul who cannot be replaced have been permitted to return to their posts, Taliban-appointed Kabul Mayor Molavi Hamdullah Nomani said on Sunday. However, those women whose work can be done by men have been asked to stay at home until the situation is normalized. Their salaries will be paid,’ he added.

This comes after Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid asserted during a conference that the rights of women would be protected “within the limits of Islamic law”.

Earlier, the Taliban government issued a statement declaring resumption of school classes for boys in grades 7 to 12 however there was no mention of girl students or women teachers in the education ministry’s announcement.

Namony’s comments are another sign that the Taliban are enforcing their harsh interpretation of Islam, including restrictions on women in public life, despite their initial promises of tolerance and inclusion.

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