Whereabouts of missing radioactive device still unknown, say Selangor cops

Yiswaree Palansamy
Mazlan says the police and AELB are working hard to find the missing device. ― Picture by Azneal Ishak

SHAH ALAM, Sept 6 ― Selangor police are still searching for the radioactive device which reportedly went missing almost one month ago.

State police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor said that there is still no clue on the whereabouts of the device.

“Okay. We are still investigating and searching together with AELB, but until now, there are still no clues for us,” he said, using the acronym of the Atomic Energy Licensing Board.

“So, it is more technical, and we and the AELB members are working hard to detect the device,” he said, adding that police have been visiting the crime scene regularly in their investigation.

On August 20, the New Straits Times (NST) reported that the police and AELB were desperately searching for the 23kg Radioactive Dispersal Device (RDD) worth RM75,000 that was reported missing since August 10.

The report said that the RDD is a non-nuclear industrial radiography equipment, which contains the radioactive isotope Iridium-192 that emits beta and gamma radiation. It has an estimate shelf life of 73 days once taken out of its lead-shielded casing.

The NST reported that two technicians of a company had claimed to have lost the RDD while transporting it non-stop from Seremban in Negri Sembilan to their office in Shah Alam, Selangor.

According to their statements, they noticed the device was missing at 3am upon arriving at their office and feared it had fallen out of their Nissan Navara pick-up truck as the tailgate was lowered.

They filed a police report when they failed to find it after tracing back their journey.

The duo were arrested for theft after investigators found their testimony suspicious, but were released last Friday as there was no evidence to support their basis.

The police have however, eliminated terrorism as a possible motive for the suspected theft of the device.

A police source told Malay Mail that as the case involved radioactive materials, the counter-terrorism department was immediately notified and a thorough investigation was conducted.

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