Whitney Port reflects on 'taking care' of her health after Europe trip: 'Feel better'

Whitney Port says she can't wait to return home from Europe to start taking better care of herself. (Photo via @whitneyeveport on Instagram)
Whitney Port says she can't wait to return home from Europe to start taking better care of herself. (Photo via @whitneyeveport on Instagram)

Whitney Port is learning to take care of her health.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a few photos of herself from a recent trip to London where she helped launch Jia De Lara's new shoe collection, eventually extending the getaway to spend her anniversary with her husband, Tim Rosenman, in Paris.

In the shots, Port rocked a black blazer dress from Giuseppe Di Morabito, polka dot tights from Falke, a Manu Atelier black hand bag and black heels from Jia De Lara.

However, Port's Europe trip wasn't entirely enjoyable, as she admitted in her caption that she got sick from a bug while abroad.

"While we had so many beautiful moments, getting stuck with a [bug] really put a damper on things. You can see it in my eyes here. It's forcing me to tune into my wellness a bit more," the "Hills" alum penned. "I'm learning that taking care of myself isn't just about my mental health, it's about what I put in my body and how I can sustain my health through stressful times."

Port explained that she was "so bummed" her trip wasn't exactly how she envisioned it, but that she's ready to changing how she takes care of herself once she's back home.

"I'm looking forward to getting home and getting a handle of how to take care of myself. Going, going, going isn't working for me. Nor is my picky eating," Port wrote. "Thank you [Jia De Lara] for getting us out here and showing us what it means to produce a thoughtful, sustainable brand. And even thank you to this [bug] for motivating me to take care of more than just my mind. Our health is all we have and it's time to make it more of a priority."

Fellow influencers and fans showed their love for Port in the comments section of her post, with many noting her beauty and others hoping she feels better.

"Self-care is the best investment," shared Australian artist Kerrie Hess.

"Very concerned about you. Choose yourself always. Get a healing team going. Sending love," one fan added.

"This is massively important. I teach women (lots of mothers) how to take care of themselves. Not self-care. Not get a pedicure to reverse burnout. But how to listen, fuel our bodies, move our bodies and work to reclaim our energy and confidence especially in times of stress. Bravo to you for realizing what you need," another penned.

"I see sadness and exhaustion. You have had some really rough, rough times this year. It's so hard to always try to stay strong. I think this is your body's way of forcing you to take it easy and regroup. Praying for you, sweetheart," someone chimed in.

In October, Port got candid about grief with her more than 1.4 million Instagram followers.

"Grateful and sad. Excited and tired. Proud and anxious," she began in her caption for the post. "A lot of you are writing to me about grief. Grief accentuates the multitude of feelings we can have at one time. It's OK. We are not just one thing, nor do we need to limit ourselves to feeling one emotion at a time. Sometimes, we need to ride with the wave and feel it all. Just know the internal chaos will pass and settle in time."

Earlier that month, Port took to her Instagram Stories to share a touching tribute to her father-in-law, Doug Rosenman, who died at 78.

"We lost our sweet Pop Pop, Timmy's dad, this past Saturday. Our hearts are broken," Port had written. "He became my dad after my dad passed, and I can't begin to describe the hole in our hearts."

Port, who shares a five-year-old son named Sonny with her husband, admitted her father-in-law loved her "like his own daughter" and was always there for her.

"He listened to me like no other, felt when I needed a father/daughter talk, loved me like his own daughter and he was sweet as sugar," Port continued. "Sometimes, people can just make you feel like home wherever you are, and that's how he made me feel. He helped mold Timmy into the incredible man he is today and I will miss him forever. Doug/Pop Pop — I hope you've found my dad in the clouds and will watch and protect us from whoever you are. We love you endlessly."

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