Why Gadget Protect Isn’t Exactly Phone Insurance

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If there’s one thing most Filipinos cherish the most today, it’s their smartphones. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to bed, you spend most of your days with a smartphone in hand. And whether you admit it or not, you probably drop your phone at least once a day. That’s why phone insurance products became popular recently.

After all, people see their smartphones more as an asset than a mere device. On paper, it’s a good idea to get one. But there’s an alternative to phone insurance that’s probably a bit better: a mobile protection program like Gadget Protect. They may sound like the same thing, but their differences are far more than meets the eye. Here are just some of them.

Why Gadget Protect is Not Phone Insurance

Why Gadget Protect Isn't Exactly Phone Insurance

Gadget Protect is a mobile protection program powered by AmTrust Mobile Solutions.[1] Gadget Protect doesn’t have strict restrictions compared to phone insurance, making it more accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone. What’s more, Gadget Protect has value-added services that most insurance plans simply don’t have.

  • Repair and Replacement Program – You can have your damaged phone repaired by accredited repair shops. If the damage is irreparable, Gadget Protect will replace the phone with no additional charges.
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Online Chat Support

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Gadget Protect is Completely Digital

With most phone insurance plans offered by others, they require you to go to their nearest branch and apply there. Not with Gadget Protect. In fact, you can have your device protected in just a few clicks. Just follow these easy steps to get you started.

  1. Head to our Gadget Protect page.
  2. Provide your personal and your phone’s information.
  3. Pay for your gadget protection coverage.
  4. Wait for your e-contract within 24 hours.

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Gadget Protect has a One-Time Payment Plan

Compared to the monthly payment plans of most phone insurance providers, Gadget Protect is a one-time-pay service that protects your smartphone for the entire year. Even if we say that the monthly payments are relatively cheap, the stress of paying something every month can still bother most people who just want to focus their budget on other important expenses. By buying a Gadget Protect e-contract, you get the same protection in one go.

Gadget Protect is More Affordable

Why Gadget Protect Isn't Exactly Phone Insurance

The gadget protection cost will depend on the model of your phone and its price range. So if you own a high-end phone, expect a higher protection cost. But even so, it’s not like Gadget Protect will break the bank. The usual Gadget Protect cost ranges from PHP 389 to PHP 9,000. It’s a small price to pay compared to the repair charges you will incur once you damage your phone.

Gadget Protect Can Be Purchased Anytime

The general requirement for most phone insurance plans is that the device must be brand new. Gadget Protect doesn’t have that restriction. You can protect your uninsured phone right now, as long as it’s in good working condition. Do note that the Gadget Protect coverage will take effect 30 days from the date of purchase. This is a standard measure to avoid fraudulent claims.

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Gadget Protect Claim Process is Quick

Remember how easy it is to get Gadget Protect for your phone? The same convenience also applies to the claiming process. You don’t need to go anywhere else, just follow these steps.

  1. Head to the AmTrust customer portal[2] and fill up the claim form.
  2. Upload your e-policy and a scanned copy of your phone’s official receipt.
  3. After submitting your claim, Amtrust will pick up your device.
  4. Either the technician will fix the damage or Amtrust will order you a new unit.
  5. Amtrust will deliver your repaired/new phone within seven working days.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide helped clear the differences between Gadget Protect and phone insurance. Whatever you choose to buy for your phone, the important thing is you learned the importance of having a financial safety net for the things you truly care about. Now try to apply this to your other properties, whether it’s your car, home, or your very own life.

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