Why Prince George will have to travel alone without his family after reaching certain milestone

prince william and prince george at wimbledon
Why Prince George will have to travel alone soonTim Clayton - Corbis - Getty Images

There's no denying that the Prince and Princess of Wales run a very tight ship when it comes to the close dynamic of their family. Ever since they welcomed their first child, Prince George back in 2013, William and Kate have been hands-on parents, plus very vocal about how they want their kids to live as "normal a life as possible." Well, as normal as it can be when you're senior members of the Royal Family and have a future King for a son...

Over the years, we've seen Will, Kate, George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five, head out on wholesome family trips together, whether it be a local afternoon at Wimbledon (casual), or getaways to locations further afield like Berlin and Jordan. While typically, the Royals have always travelled together like a regular family, some upcoming changes as Prince George reaches a milestone birthday will mean he may have to take up separate travel arrangements, in the same way his dad did when he turned 12.

kate middleton, prince george and princess charlotte
Tim Clayton - Corbis - Getty Images

This is because - traditionally - heirs to the throne (William is first in line while George is second) don't travel together for safety reasons in case of an accident. As revealed by His Majesty’s former pilot, Graham Laurie during Hello's A Right Royal Podcast, he explained that Prince William was allowed to fly with King Charles, Princess Diana, and Prince Harry up until his 12th birthday in 1994. "After that, he had to have a separate aircraft," he recalled.

Laurie also detailed that exceptions were only made if the pilots had received the "written permission of Her Majesty."

So, if the former Royal pilot's predictions are correct, it means Prince George only has two years of family flying left before has to go solo. Alternatively (and to stop the two future Kings from travelling together), it's possible that Prince William could take a separate plane to allow his son to travel with his mum and his siblings while he's still young.

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