Why Should You Register Your Kid For BYJU’S Young Genius 2?

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When the first season of BYJU'S Young Genius, an initiative by News18 was announced, the anticipation in the air was palpable. It was probably the first time that kids could showcase a range of skills and talent on one platform, wow viewers, and inspire millions of kids. Indeed, not catering to a few genres like singing or dancing meant that kids with exceptional mental fortitude, academic geniuses, sports capabilities and many more were the showstoppers on BYJU'S Young Genius.

The success of the first season meant that another season was just around the corner. Now, wishes have come true and registrations for the upcoming season of BYJU'S Young Genius is well and truly underway with an overwhelming response from parents and kids. This is your chance to jump in and share your story to be a part of BYJU'S Young Genius Season 2.

WHY JOIN BYJU'S YOUNG GENIUS - There's more than one good reason to be a part of the show that encourages kids to just be themselves and showcase their extraordinary skills. The biggest reward is the confidence and kids' abilities to take pride in their talent and showcase it to the world. Sharing their journey of success with viewers can inspire and create many more geniuses. After all, what good is a genius if it is kept hidden away? Secondly, kids get a chance to interact with well-known personalities and judges who not only critique their work but also instill confidence through their own life stories. Listening to famous people talk about their own struggles to come to terms with their talent can be psychologically effective in bringing your kid's talent into the spotlight as well.

Finally, the lasting legacy of Season 1 has been the way the contestants' lives have changed for the better. With a bouquet of national and regional channels across India, their genius story reaches to every household. From Anshuman Nandi who is now widely known as a prodigy drummer, Swastik Bharadwaj becoming the youngest classical singer, Ridhima Pandey whose climate activism at just 11 years of age, to all other geniuses who featured in the show, they all have become true role models for many children and parents.

HOW TO ENROLL With the launch of the new season, there is no doubt that more such names will be added to the illustrious list. But don't wait too long to enrol your child for Season 2 of BYJU'S Young Genius. Registrations are set to close soon and you wouldn't want your child's talents to have gone unnoticed. Head over to the registration link and fill up the application form here.

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