Why You Should Have Your Tires Balanced

Wilbert Tan

Tire balancing is an important vehicle maintenance task that a responsible car owner must tend to when replacing old tires or when the vehicle starts to vibrate abnormally while in transit. Weight irregularities are inherent in tires, and the more they are used, the more these irregularities present themselves. Improper balance speed up wear and tear in tires, and as such, it can open you to to the risk of a serious road accident.

The warning signs of trouble

When a tire imbalance issue starts, the first thing you’ll notice is a slight vibration in the vehicle, even at cruising speeds. If the vibration is felt through the steering wheel, that means the imbalance lies in the front wheels. A rear wheel imbalance will cause the seats or even the entire vehicle body to start shaking. As the tires become more unbalanced, the vibrations will become harder to control, and the vehicle more difficult to maneuver. As you can imagine, this has the potential to lead to a disastrous result, one which could have easily been avoided by a simple tire balancing procedure.

Other signs of unbalanced tires to watch out for

Vehicle vibration is just one symptom of improperly balanced tires. Other signs to look out for include a dramatic increase in fuel consumption and excessive tire wear. If you observe any of these symptoms, have your tires checked thoroughly by a mechanic. If a tire replacement is recommended, have it done immediately, as your current tires may no longer provide the stability and grip needed for you to drive safely. Should your tires get too worn out, the likelihood of a tire blow increases, and that’s something you don’t want to happen to you, especially while you’re on the road.

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Even brand-new tires need to be balanced

Some tire manufacturers advertise their products as perfectly balanced. Even so, a wheel is made up of more than just a tire, and attaching a well-balanced tire to a rim immediately alters its weight distribution. Therefore, you must have tires balanced even when they are brand new.  For your enhanced safety, always pair tire balancing with a wheel alignment service. Not only will these regular vehicle maintenance tasks lengthen your tire’s lifespan, they can also enhance your safety on the road.

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