Widow of Tg Malim crash victim learned of accident from tow truck driver

Esther Landau

KUALA LUMPUR: "My whole family has been taken away from me, and I’m all alone now. I want to follow them."

These were the words of Ng Siew Yin, 71, the widow of Lam Leong Choy, one of six people killed in a horrific trailer-MPV collision near the Tanjung Malim toll plaza yesterday morning.

"I never thought that this would happen to me and I still cannot accept that my whole family has gone," Ng told members of the media in an interview at the Nirvana Memorial Centre here today.

She said that at the time of the accident, she was offering prayers in conjunction with the Ching Ming event outside her house. It was then that she received news that her family members had been involved in a crash.

Ng, who appeared weak, said she had tried to call her family members many times earlier in the day, to no avail.

"A few hours later, when I tried (calling one of their phones again), a man picked up.

"It was the driver of a tow truck. He told me that my family was involved in an accident. He told me to go to Tanjung Malim police station to identify the victims. (This was at) about 11am yesterday," she added.

Ng, who also appeared calm while being interviewed, was accompanied by several relatives.

It is learnt that the remains of the six victims will be cremated at the centre here on Wednesday.

However, when asked about where the ashes will be buried or kept, Ng declined to comment.

Ng’s six deceased family members had been heading to Bidor, Perak, for Ching Ming and were supposed to arrive back home here at 8am today.