Wilber Pan, Tien Hsin big winners at Taiwan's Golden Bell

Grace Soong in Taipei/The China Post
Asia News Network

Taipei (The China Post/ANN) - Celebrities and fans crowded the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei Friday (October 21), exuberant over the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards, which awarded Wilber Pan and Tien Hsin as best actor and actress, respectively, while Janet Hsieh was awarded best host for a travel program.

Taiwan's most prestigious recognition for television programs presented the award for Best Leading Actress in a TV Series to Tien Hsin, who starred in "Who's the One?". Speaking through tears, the leading actress thanked those who had encouraged her to keep acting until the day she received the Golden Bell Award, and promised to keep presenting her best to Taiwan.

Wilber Pan was awarded the Best Leading Actor for his work "Endless Love", but unfortunately was not present at the ceremony.

He Li Luo, winner of Best Supporting Actor with the television series "Monga Yao Hui", a story that told of the life of gangsters, offered gratitude to the program's production team, remarking modestly that it was more so the good staff and teamwork than the actors that had made the drama so exceptional.

Amanda Chu of "The Fierce Wife" teared up as she received the honor of Best Supporting Actress. Having been scolded internationally after the show made its global appearance, for playing a character who had an affair with the protagonist, Chu, in reality is a mother-to-be.

"I thank the producers, my husband, and also my son, for not popping out today so I could be here," she said.

Having been nominated twice previously, Janet Hsieh, a Taiwanese-American television host currently based in Taiwan, finally won the Best Host in a Travel Program for "Fun Taiwan", last night. Screaming and almost dancing on stage, Janet was overwhelmed with happiness at the fact that she received the award despite "being unable to speak Mandarin."

Gag duo Plungon won the Best Variety Show Host for their traveling program "Super Taste".