Wildlife authorities arrest two, seize 48 suspected illicit items in Kelantan raid

Wildlife authorities have confirmed the arrest of two Malaysian nationals in the northeastern state of Kelantan over animal-product related crimes, according to the Minstry of Water, Land, and Natural Resources.

Minister Dr. Xavier Jayakumar confirmed that the arrests were made earlier this week, on Tuesday October 26.

Following a raid dubbed Ops Bersepadu Khazanah (OBK, k?) authorities uncovered 48 illicit wildlife items, including what they believe are eight elephant tusks, two keris (small swords) believed to be adorned with ivory, six elephant teeth, two sheaths with suspected tusk adornments, deer hides, and two antlers.

An eclectus parrot was also taken into custody for questioning. Psych! – they ain’t no snitches! (But jokes aside, authorities did also find a parrot on the raided property.)

Ledgers, records and three phones were confiscated for further investigation, while the two remain in police custody under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010.

Echoing the Sultan of Johor warning against any illicit wildlife activities, Dr. Xavier gave his own warning to would-be law-breakers, telling them they will feel the full brunt of the law.

“I hope that the public will continue to support and provide assistance to become the eyes and ears of Perhilitan and the police to help the OBK operation by supplying information to protect the country’s national treasures so that it would not be threatened with extinction,” he concluded.

While Coconuts KL is not one to advocate snitching, we’ll put that policy aside when it comes to protecting endangered wildlife. Rat. Them. Out.

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