Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2021: 10-year-old Bengaluru boy wins junior category; top prize goes to ‘Explosive Fish Sex’

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The Natural History Museum has declared the winners of its 57th annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 competition. The concerned officials of the museum has revealed the winners on 12 October.

For the unversed, this competition is an international wildlife photography event which is staged by the Natural History Museum in England's London city. Every year, this prestigious and largest photography competition is held where the winning and commended images are exhibited at the museum.

This year, French underwater photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta bagged the newest Wildlife Photographer of the Year during a virtual Awards ceremony. His extraordinary image, titled 'Creation' shows the mating ritual of camouflage groupers. Furthermore, the image was taken in Fakarava, French Polynesia.

In the 10 years and under category, a 10-year-old young boy from Bengaluru, India identified as Vidyun R Hebbar, bagged the top prize. His image titled 'Dome Home' shows a tent spider upside down in a web.

Below are this year's winning photographs:

In the 'Animals in their Environment' category, Zack Clothier from the USA became the winner of Grizzly leftovers. The image shows a grizzly bear taking an interest in his camera trap.

In the Wildlife Photojournalism category, Australia's Adam Oswell was selected as the winner. His image shows zoo visitors watching a young elephant perform underwater in Thailand.

In the Natural Artistry category, Alex Mustard was declared the winner for his photo titled Bedazzled. The image displays a ghost pipefish hiding in the arms of a feather star.

In the Photojournalist Story Award category, Brent Stirton bagged the prize. His image illustrates a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, where she is sitting with a rescue chimpanzee, introducing it to other chimps.

In the Animal Portraits category, photographer Majed Ali won this award. In the image, a mountain gorilla can be seen closing its eyes in the rain.

In the Behaviour: Mammals category, Stefano Unterthiner claimed the top spot for his captivating image of reindeer in Svalbard, Norway. Titled 'Head to head', the image shows two Svalbard reindeer fighting for control of a harem.

In the Urban Wildlife category, Gil Wizen bagged the top prize after finding a venomous spider hiding under his bed. According to reports, Wizen noticed tiny spiders all over his room, after looking under his bed, he was shocked to see one of the world's most venomous spiders. He snapped the Brazilian spider using forced perspective to make it appear bigger.

In the Behaviour: Amphibians and Reptiles category, Joao Rodrigues won the top place for his image for capturing sharp-ribbed salamanders in the flooded forest of Portugal.

This year, for the 57th edition of the competition, organisers received more than 50,000 submissions from 95 countries. The images were then selected anonymously by a panel of international experts.

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