Will Boris Johnson boost the Tories' election hopes? Have your say

The party has turned to Johnson in an attempt to boost its fortunes ahead of the general election. But will it make a difference?

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Boris Johnson’s has been endorsing select Conservative candidates. (PA)
Boris Johnson has been endorsing select Conservative candidates. (PA)

With the Tories way behind in the polls, the party has turned to Boris Johnson in an attempt to boost its fortunes ahead of the general election.

Johnson is said to have put his name to hundreds of thousands of letters due to be sent out to voters, urging them not to support Reform UK and warning Labour could end up in power for a generation.

This comes after Nigel Farage’s party overtook the Conservatives in one poll, with Reform UK set to split the Tory vote.

Johnson has also recorded videos endorsing some candidates, but has so far not appeared on the campaign trail in person and is currently on holiday in Sardinia, according to a post on his wife Carrie’s Instagram account.

He has used his Daily Mail column to claim a large Labour majority - one Survation poll from the weekend suggested Sir Keir Starmer is on course for a 262-seat majority, with the Tories down to just 72 seats - would be “a nightmare” which only voting Conservative could prevent.

Rishi Sunak confirmed on Tuesday that Johnson’s endorsement of candidates has been co-ordinated with the party.

Sunak, whose resignation as chancellor in July 2022 was a key moment which eventually led to Johnson resigning as prime minister, said: “He is endorsing many candidates in videos and letters which have been co-ordinated by the campaign. I know that will make a difference.”

But do you think Johnson’s interventions will make a difference? And how do you feel about Johnson two years on from when he stepped down as prime minister?

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