William Chan denies buying a love nest

William Chan denies buying a love nest

31 Dec – Actor William Chan recently debunked rumours that he has bought a house for him and girlfriend, Charlene Choi to live together.

As reported on Sina, while speaking to the media at the anniversary banquet of his management company, Emperor Group in Beijing, William was asked about his recent victory as Best Supporting Actor at the Macau International Film Festival.

The actor said that he didn't dare to celebrate his victory since he felt that he was lacking in many aspects, adding that he has not much money to buy himself a gift after buying a house.

In regards to rumours that the house was bought for him to share with girlfriend, singer-actress Charlene Choi, William denied it and said, "The unit is too small. It was only an investment."

When asked if he would buy a mansion first before marrying the singer, William replied, "Love isn't measured in square footage. But I am not yet ready to get married right now. Now it's the time for me to focus on my career and we're still in the dating stage anyway."