William So hopes situation will return to normal post-Andy Hui scandal

19 Apr – Hong Kong singer William So recently expressed his awe with TVB actor Kenneth Ma for being calm throughout the cheating scandal surrounding his girlfriend Jacqueline Wong and married singer Andy Hui.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was asked about the issue recently, stated that he agrees with Kenneth's recent statement, that people should not fuel the issue and instead give some space for all the parties involved.

"I hope that everything can calm down as soon as possible," he said.

William, who has been good friends with Andy and his wife Sammi Cheng, also expressed hope that the couple would be able to surpass this hardship in their marriage.

"It was wrong, a mistake. I hope everything will be back to normal," he said.

As to how Sammi is doing right now, the singer stated that his wife is currently handling the situation.

(Photo Source: William So Instagram)