Win money on Snapchat with new challenges

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Snapchat will launch Spotlight Challenges in the US in November.

Money, money, money! What if Snapchat let you win $25,000? The social network, which is especially popular among young people, is launching a new way to make money through challenges. This large-scale operation is designed to boost the platform's Spotlight tool.

After YouTube recently launched a fund for its YouTube Shorts tool, Snapchat -- one of the most popular social networks among teenagers -- has come up with a new way for creators to win money, thanks to a new feature called Spotlight Challenges.

Spotlight Challenges will allow users of the platform to win between $1,000 and $25,000 in cash, the American giant says. The prize total can be even higher, the platform states, adding that "occasionally we may make available a larger sum for a particular Challenge," without mentioning specific amounts.

To benefit from these gains, users are asked to create Spotlight videos "using specific Lenses, Sounds, or #Topics." The objective for Snapchat is clear: to promote the use of its Spotlight tool, in direct competition with the dominance of TikTok.

How to get started

For each Challenge, the top 50 eligible, relevant and most-viewed videos submitted will be judged on several criteria: creativity and originality, innovative use of Snap Creative Tools, unique POV, and entertainment value.

On average, between three and five Snapchatters, age 16 and up, will be eligible to be selected as winners, but, like the winnings amounts, Snapchat said it can increase the number of winners from time to time, without specifying specific cases.

Spotlight Challenges are currently still in test phase, but will roll out in the United States in November, both on Android and iOS. The application said that other markets should be added in the coming months.

To access Spotlight Challenges, users should go to the Trending page, by clicking in the top-right corner of Spotlight in the Snapchat app. Challenges will be displayed and a "Challenge Details" option will include extra information like available prizes and submission deadlines.

Sabrina Alili

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