Windows 11's best alternative for the taskbar gets modernized with a macOS-flavored dock, high-resolution display support, and animation improvements

 Stardock's ObjectDock gets a major update.
Stardock's ObjectDock gets a major update.

What you need to know

  • Stardock recently shipped a major update to ObjectDock, making it more modern and in sync with the latest versions of Windows.

  • The app has been updated with a 64-bit version that supports Windows 11 and Windows 10.

  • It ships with several neat features, including high-resolution displays, UWP apps, animation improvements, and more.

  • ObjectDock will cost $9.99 for new users or $3.99 for those upgrading from a previous release.

Stardock, a software development company well-known for its best alternative apps for default Windows 11 apps like Start11 and Fences 5 recently announced that ObjectDock now ships with a 64-bit version that supports Windows 11 and Windows 10.

It's been several years since the popular docking utility received a significant update. For those unfamiliar, Stardock develops third-party tools that can be installed on Windows devices and ships with nifty features and customization options that allow users to add a modern and classic touch to default apps on Windows.

Like how Start11 adds different flavors and variety to the stock Start menu on Windows, ObjectDock allows users to integrate a macOS-like dock on Windows. Once installed, you can launch and access your favorite programs and files directly from the dock.

ObjectDock | for $3.99 as an upgrade $9.99 for a standalone license at Stardock

ObjectDock is a third-party tool with a 64-bit version that now supports Windows 10 and Windows 11. It adds a macOS-like dock to the Windows PC, which is especially handy for users who aren't fans of the default Start menu and taskbar.View Deal

According to Stardock's General Manager, Brad Sams:

“ObjectDock is a classic Stardock application, and we are thrilled to be able to modernize the app so that it supports the latest versions of Windows. And with ObjectDock now included in Object Desktop, the best value for accessing all of our productivity applications gets even better.” 

You can also navigate the settings and enable the auto-hide option to keep the dock at bay when it's not in use. You can easily access it by moving your mouse cursor to its position. The option to auto-hide the taskbar recently shipped to Stardock's best alternative for the Start menu on Windows 11 (Start11).

Depending on the number of icons you want included, the dock can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. You can move the dock across your desktop or use it to replace your taskbar.

Perhaps more importantly, it puts you in control of how big or small your dock is, and how many icons populate it. In addition to the animations when mousing over icons, you can decide where you want it on the desktop, up top, on the left or right, or as a complete replacement of the Windows taskbar at the bottom (which you still cannot move around in Windows 11). You can even add a second dock to another screen.

Another interesting bit from this news is that ObjectDock is now part of the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancements and customization apps. You can download it without paying extra cash if you're an Object Desktop subscriber. However, you'll need $9.99 for the standalone license or $3.99 for the upgrade.

Stardock also indicated it had to sunset some "minor" features tied to the legacy components of Windows that have since been deprecated to align with the modernized and overhauled ObjectDock app. "But the core functionality of the app has been streamlined and with the new support for higher resolution displays, ObjectDock has never looked better," says Stardock.

Stardock is running a sale on its apps — 25% OFF

Start11 Start menu in light mode
Start11 Start menu in light mode

As it happens, Stardock is also running a Spring Sale on its third-party apps, including WindowsBlinds, SoundPackager, CursorFX, Groupy 2, and more. And for a limited period, you can get them at a 25% discount.

Here's everything currently on sale, including Stardock's highly recommended all-in-one premium package for Windows 11's best alternative apps, Object Desktop which is $10 cheaper right now. 

Object Desktop | was $49.99 now $39.99 at Stardock

The tool ships with over a dozen third-party apps designed to enhance your user experience on Windows, including Start11, Fences 5, Groupy 2, and more. The platform adds a modern touch to your operating system and can be tailored to meet your needs and wants.View Deal

WindowBlinds 11 | was $19.99 now $14.99 at Stardock

This third-party app lets users add a modern appeal to Windows 11 devices. It allows users to customize the Start menu, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons. View Deal

SoundPackager | was $4.99 now $3.74 at Stardock

It's designed to enhance your auditory experience on Windows. The tool applies different sound packages to your device. Users can also create and edit any sound package, which they can preview via the package editor. SoundPackager also provides cloud access to thousands of different sounds. This is especially handy for users that want something different from the default Windows sound scheme.View Deal

CursorFX | was $4.99 now $3.74 at Stardock

If you're looking to spice things up, Windows 11's cursor is a great place to start. It might be small but significant before you commit to more drastic changes across the operating systems. CursorFX just works. It's a great tool to customize your mouse cursor, and it has virtually unlimited customization options.View Deal

Multiplicity | was $19.99 now $14.99 at Stardock

This is a tool designed to make working across multiple devices easier. It's an affordable, secure, and wireless KVM switch solution that frees up your workspace by eliminating unwanted and unnecessary cables and hardware, ultimately keeping things simple and promoting functionality. You can control multiple PCs using one keyboard and mouse.View Deal

Groupy 2 | was $9.99 now $7.99 at Stardock

Stardock's Groupy 2 is a neat tool that enhances the user's productivity by keeping their information organized. The app lets users drag and drop multiple apps and documents into a single window by combining them, with tabs in the title bar.  You can save multiple apps and pin them on your taskbar. This way, you can launch them simultaneously.View Deal