Winston Churchill's Grandson Introduces A New Nickname For Trump

PresidentDonald Trumpmay bea big fanof Britain’s former Prime MinisterWinston Churchill.

But the wartime leader’s grandson, Nicholas Soames, certainly doesn’t feel the same way about the U.S. commander in chief — who he’s called a “daft twerp.”

On Friday, Trumpappeared to blame the “spread of radical Islamic terror” for a 13 percent rise in crime in the United Kingdom:

“Not good, we must keep America safe!” Trump tweeted.

To which the 69-year-old Soames, who is a current Conservative member of the United Kingdom parliament, replied:

According to Merriam-Webster, “daft” can equate to “silly,” “foolish,” “mad” or “insane.” It defines “twerp” as “a silly, insignificant or contemptible person.”

Other leading British political figures also called out Trump over his tweet:

While the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics has indeed reported a13 percent increase in crime, it actually relates to all 5.2 million police-recorded offensesOnly 329 of thosewere terrorism-related.

Officials put “much” of the rise down tobetter crime recordingmethods. The statisticsalso only covered England and Wales, and not the whole of the U.K. as Trump suggested.

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