Wish FM YouTube channel garners one million subscribers

The YouTube page of the Wish 107.5 has already reached one million subscribers in just two years after its conception.

Wish FM is the first ever YouTube FM radio page in the Philippines that achieved this record.

And as a way to thank its subscribers, the Wish FM will launch a wish card, a loyalty card for the first one million subscribers of the Wish YouTube page.

The benefits that can be availed through the loyalty card include free concert tickets, giveaways through reward points, promos and a chance to participate in Wish programs.

“If your part of the first 1 million subscribers. You will get your Wish card and that Wish card will actually entitle you to various privileges, like for example, tickets will be given to Wish card holders,” said BMPI-UNTV President and CEO Daniel Razon.

The management and disc jockeys of Wish FM have expressed gratitude to all its followers and supporters.

“Welcome to Wish 107.5 not to be confused with the Wish 1075 bus. We’re here inside the booth. Have you subscribed to the no.1 YouTube channel yet? Guess what? 1 million views and counting. Thank you all so much,” said DJ Ray Holiday.

“We never could have done it without your help. So, thank you with all the love and support. Thank you to the 1 million subscribers, thank you very much,”expressed DJ Kim.

DJ Faye from the Wishpers of Love program said, “Hey Wishers! We have finally reached 1 million subscribers to our YouTube channel, isn’t that amazing, it’s all because of you and of course God’s blessings and grace.”

The YouTube page of the Wish FM was launched in July 2014. The said page currently contains more than 500 videos of various international and local artists in the music industry.

Last year, YouTube Philippines reported that the Wish FM channel has the fastest increase in subscription in 2016 with 236%.

Wish FM is proud to have subscribers not only from the Philippines, but also from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil.

Meanwhile, a Wish FM subscriber, Marcie dela Paz, attested,“I decided to subscribe in the Wish 107.5 YouTube page because it’s different from other FM stations. Other radio stations do the same format. Wish has a wish bus, and that is really brilliant.”

Subscribers from other countries can also watch world tours of Wishclusive elites.

The Wish FM is the one that started concepts like the Wish 107 5 bus, Wishclusive performance and wish granting advocacies for Filipinos in need. — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue

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