Withings releases a digital blood pressure monitor which can also be used as an ECG and stethoscope

The Withings BPM Core is sold for €249.95

Withings, a specialist in connected health devices, has announced the launch of two new blood pressure monitors, the BPM Connect and the BPM Core. The Core, which was shown at the CES in Las Vegas, USA at the beginning of the year, is 3-in-1, with an integrated electrocardiogram and electronic stethoscope.

The Withings BPM Core is the first 3-in-1 connected blood pressure monitor available to the public. Besides checking blood pressure and heart rate, the device can be used for ECG readings and to listen to the heart in order to monitor the danger of stroke or heart valve disease.  

The second device, Withings' BPM Connect, is a connected blood pressure monitor offering a simplified reading at home. After a first connection with a smartphone, the BPM Connect can be used independently, since its LED screen shows readings immediately. A record of the readings can be shared at any time with a doctor.

In Europe the Withings BPM Core is available for €249.95, and the BPM Connect for €99.95. Both devices have been CE certified. The BPM Connect, which is also "FDA-cleared," retails in the US for $99.95.

France-based Withings is a manufacturer of health-focused products such as hybrid watches, connected weight scales, smart thermometers, and sleep sensors.