Woman allegedly ‘charged’ at two girls with scissors in Ang Mo Kio (Video)

Two sisters were allegedly charged at by an armed elderly woman with a pair of scissors recently.

The pair had alighted at the bus stop opposite the Ang Mo Kio public library and were waiting for another bus back home when they claimed that a woman lunged at them with a pair of scissors after giving them “very disgusted looks.”

The incident, which happened yesterday evening, was posted to Instagram stories.

The victim said that the woman kept staring at them while mumbling in Mandarin.

“We walked past her to stand behind the bus stop at first and she kept turning back and giving us a very disgusted look,” she wrote.

“She kept mumbling to herself in Chinese and we just chose to ignore it even though we felt very uncomfortable,” she added.

After the victim stared back at the woman in retaliation, the latter then stood up and charged toward the pair while pointing the scissors she took from her bag at them. The woman also started shouting at them.

Thankfully, the bus arrived and the pair boarded while the woman was still holding onto the scissors and threatened them to leave.

A video taken by the victim and uploaded by SG Viral Videos on TikTok yesterday showed the alleged attacker holding onto a pair of scissors in her right hand.

@sgviralvids 2 sisters were allegedly assaulted by this woman who wielded a pair of scissors at AMK bus stop. Police report has been filed. Read more at wakeup.sg/amk-scissors-assault/ #singapore #angmokio #racism #scissorsattack #sgtiktok ♬ original sound – SG Viral Videos

One of the sisters told news site Wake Up Singapore that witnesses did not do anything or approach them after they boarded the bus.

They filed a police report that night after being left “shocked” and “traumatised.”

The victim believed it was a racially motivated attack.

“This act of racism is disgusting and unbelievable and my sister and I are both traumatised by it. We have lived in Singapore our whole lives…,” she said.

“I can’t imagine how it would have been if it was a little Indian girl in our situation instead of us at that moment and it hurts my heart,” she added.

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