Woman called a 'crazy b****' on a receipt for ordering a burger without cheese

A woman claims that an employee wrote “crazy b****” on a receipt after she ordered a burger without cheese. (Photo: Jessica Marie via Facebook)

Love for cheese has been documented throughout human history, with evidence of our ancestors making their own cheese as far back as 5500 B.C. Homer’s Odyssey, which was written in the late eighth century B.C., describes the Cyclops’s home as being filled with cheese. Even with one eye, he could see that cheese is delicious. The giant could eat a man, but he’d still choose a nice feta.

Sadly, some tummies are not able to properly digest cheese, and people with this affliction must order their burgers plain — a shame, really. We say ‘cheese’ when we have our photo taken because it makes us smile, but what do the lactose intolerant say?

Jessica, a woman from Alabama, went to pick up her office’s order from a local fast-food restaurant when she ordered a burger without cheese for a co-worker who is lactose intolerant. But the restaurant gave her a burger with cheese anyway. After discovering the error, she called Henry’s Burgers and Cream in Brookwood to correct the order. Upon returning to the restaurant, she was shocked to see that her receipt read, “No cheese on this dam [sic] burger crazy b**** ordered it,” which she shared on Facebook.

A Facebook post showing the insulting receipt from a fast-food restaurant. (Photo: Jessica Marie via Facebook)

While you’d have to be a crazy beezy not to want cheese, her co-worker was simply unable to digest it; also, from a customer service standpoint, you shouldn’t call someone a crazy b**** no matter how passionately you feel about cheese.

According to ABC 33/40, the owner of Henry’s Burgers and Cream said that this has never happened before and that the employee in question has been addressed. Regardless, Jessica doesn’t seem to want to return after the receipt incident. She shared on Facebook, “They have great food. I’ve always liked them, until today…They have a mean club sandwich that i will miss lol.”

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