Woman calls out guy for ‘ghosting’ — and gets a response

A woman called out a man for ghosting her and actually received a response.

The ghostee took to Reddit’s “Hinge App” forum to share the story of her dating experience. She revealed that after going on two dates with a man, he stopped responding to her — so she decided to take action and call him out.

“I take forever to get over someone,” the woman explains. “Especially ones who ghost me.”

Woman checking mobile phone
Woman checking mobile phone

That’s why she was disappointed when, after going on two pleasant dates, the man she was seeing stopped responding to her messages. The woman recalls how, after their second date, the man asked her out on a third.

“He wrote to me afterwards, ‘Free on Friday for date #3?’” she recalls. “I say yes of course, and we discuss some food options and plan to go to the aquarium.”

Then their text conversation shifted to a television show they both enjoyed.

“Then we started talking a bit about this TV show we’re both watching and how good it is,” the woman explains. “I asked him who his favorite character is. He left me on read.”

The day of their date arrived, and the woman reached out to confirm their plans. Again, the man did not respond. So the woman took matters into her own hands and texted the man to explain how disappointed she was.

“I wrote to him, ‘Hey, it was a lot of fun hanging out with you, but if you didn’t want to meet up again, I wish you would’ve just told me instead of making plans and then ghosting me,’” she explains.

Surprisingly, the man responded to her message!

“Hey I’m really sorry,” the man wrote. “I didn’t mean to ghost and I’m sorry if I hurt you. I feel I’m not ready for a relationship yet.”

He went on to explain that he got anxious because he worried the romance was moving too fast.

While the woman was disappointed that she was ghosted, she shares that she felt proud of herself for expressing herself.

“I feel like the weight that was resting on my chest got lifted,” she concludes. “I’m just so happy I made that step and called him out on it. I’ve never done something like that before, but boy I’m glad I did.”

“Good for you on expressing your needs!”

Readers applauded the woman for speaking her mind.

“Good for you on expressing your needs!” one Redditor wrote.

“People like that are exhausting,” another Redditor commented.

“Just here to say, BRAVO! Love it! I have done this before too and don’t regret it,” commented another reader.

When it comes to dating, communication is beyond important!

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