Woman calls police over cosplayer’s ‘underboob’ at anime festival

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Woman wearing the costume of anime character Ryuko Matoi from anime Kill la Kill. Photo posted by Knightrider 3k on HardwareZone. (Online Screen grab)

What is an "underboob"?

Well, a woman probably found out what it is after calling the police on a female cosplayer recently.

The woman had reportedly been offended by the revealing costume worn by the cosplayed at the Anime Festival Asia, which was held at Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8-10 November. According to video game blog Kotaku.com, the woman had called the police after seeing the female cosplayer wearing an outfit that had exposed the bottom part of her breasts — it is an area known as the "underboob".
The female cosplayer, wearing a body-fitting blue and red costume, was in character as  Ryuko Matoi, the main protagonist from popular anime Kill la Kill.
Another blogger wrote about the incident on anime blog,  One Pixel Jump, which reported that the woman was coming from a church service held in the same building and that the two had gotten into a fight over the outfit and made a big scene before calling the police. There was no arrest, the blogger said.
A commenter, who said he 35 years old, responded to the post saying, “This incident happened in the space outside the event hall where a lot of cosplayers had set up impromptu photography areas…The police did not arrest anyone, and the cosplayer in question is not in trouble, although she was rather traumatised.”


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